I am Alone in Exile with Dream
TommyInnit is visited by Dream & Wilbur Soot in Exile on Dream's Minecraft Server. This was insane.
Edited by Tommy + Big Man Editor Larry ( @TalentLacking )
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I'm in Exile on the Dream SMP and it's not good! Today me, Dream, Wilbur Soot, BadBoyHalo and Sapnap have lots of laughs on the Dream SMP while I am in Minecraft Exile aka Prison. Wilbur Soot - Your New Boyfriend (OFFICIAL VIDEO) is a video by Wilbur Soot before the time I met Wilbur Soot in real life... so having Ghostbur in L'Manberg played by not so happy or awesome Wilbur was interesting and fun! Dream went crazy today I think he is a villain but we still had lots of funny moments and laughs in Minecraft 1.16.4 Vanilla not Modded! BadBoyHalo was also here and I did not swear at him but oh boy did I want to!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Dream EXILING Me from L'Manberg. NOT SO POG CHAMP!!!!!

  • Arlene Fester
    Arlene Fester

    He basically called you dumb as a brick Dream 2020

  • Dylan Ashworth
    Dylan Ashworth

    Love the vids

  • Roel Franco Vibar
    Roel Franco Vibar

    i am a tommypoop hater lol

  • Xbox boy
    Xbox boy

    RIP Tommy like for him to be revied

  • Luzely Andrade
    Luzely Andrade

    why did you give your disk to bad what if he threw it in lava

  • VunVun yun
    VunVun yun

    Wilbur so innocent

  • Ei エイ
    Ei エイ

    when they all said christmas tree i started balling because tommy's face looked like he was fake sobbing and icankwoihfohw0f

  • not me
    not me

    Imagine being dead. Couldnt be me!

  • Justine Marl Balangatan
    Justine Marl Balangatan

    I am a parent and I allow my son to watch ur videos because I believe that he will be learning a lot from this..but pls refrain from using bad words such as "holy shit" and a lot because children may imitate u and it's not good..thank u.

  • Arcy Peralin
    Arcy Peralin

    i think your asome

  • Havok

    Bro this is so weird after dream killed tommy

  • Gaston Collins
    Gaston Collins

    2:47 that’s true

  • no ;-;
    no ;-;

    15:10 dream didnt say "i've had character development"

  • no ;-;
    no ;-;


  • Chelsey Olson
    Chelsey Olson

    You’re Annoying.

  • wait what
    wait what


  • Anna

    watching this now after Tommy´s death hurts..

  • Arbnor Mustafa
    Arbnor Mustafa

    Dream: I was a Problem Child Me: Wait... So Dream was a Jake Paul fan

  • cherricore

    ”its not your time to die yet” :(

  • Sup


  • gary hong
    gary hong

    Omg I just realized that tommyinnits netherite chestplate is powerful and can't even be blown

  • Jude da butler
    Jude da butler

    Tommy: -BLEEEEEP!!!- BBH: LANG... AHHH

  • sleepydosen

    i am so sad

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh

    Watching this video is just sad for me now.. Cuz hes just dead now... *Gone* ...

  • rektify

    tommy laughing at the thumbnail is weird

  • Bababooey

    This didn’t age well....

  • you're beautifulあなたは美しいです
    you're beautifulあなたは美しいです

    i feel like tommy gets cornerd and gets left out Oof lol

  • FrozenFire

    So dream cut of some of his sisters hair? That’s pretty bad. But when I was in first grade a smashed a kids head into a brick wall at about 13mph (just a rough guess) so yeah I am perfectly fine with being called a psychopath

  • J&J Fisher
    J&J Fisher

    Imagine badboyhalo editing tommyinits videos you wouldn’t hear another swear ever

  • Agastya Pratap
    Agastya Pratap

    Dream: my fans would never lie my friend who is a psychopath, dream fan and a pathological liar:hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Franchesca Hubilla
    Franchesca Hubilla

    one word. Ghostinnit

  • Katakese Chan
    Katakese Chan

    1:17 how?

  • Itz_moonlightyourgirl Solis
    Itz_moonlightyourgirl Solis

    Tell dream to leave u alone tommy-

  • JadonOoi

    1:43 HA

  • ErDo

    I laughed so hard when Dream said : "The Tent probably knows more than him, What the hell😂"

  • jezrealxu


  • Raizen Madlangbayan
    Raizen Madlangbayan

    For me, I don’t and NEVER find Tommy annoying but FUNNI

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood

    Tommy- "I think people watching people play video games is weird" All of us- 👁👄👁

  • Zefa vs The universe
    Zefa vs The universe

    At 8:29 to 8:34 is pog

  • Your favorite White boy
    Your favorite White boy

    2:48. "Clap Clap"

  • J Rickards
    J Rickards

    I love your videos and I watch them whenever I get bored

  • Boris.was.taken.


  • Keiyth Raymond
    Keiyth Raymond

    Gilrs who are reading this don't have sex with wilbur he even said don't have sex with a terrorist and he was for destroy l'manberg and killing him self/ having philza kill him

  • Lenoryth

    Who’s here after he’s dead

  • Zander Zero8
    Zander Zero8

    "a tent is smarter then a brick" -tommyinnit 2020

  • Maren

    "It's never my time to die" : ' )

  • Hadley

    i- DREAM-

  • Miklo Augusto Valencia
    Miklo Augusto Valencia

    Tommy: Whats the worst word you know? BBH: Muffin..........

  • Samah&Liyana Habib
    Samah&Liyana Habib

    The fact that sad music started playing from "Hollys little kingdom" at 3:23 is immaculate 💀

  • King Julian
    King Julian

    Who’s watching after Tommy died

    • Khafka 01
      Khafka 01

      me :(

  • Kaleb Dunlap
    Kaleb Dunlap

    Upload again


    8:21 my friend accidentally dislocated a kid’s shoulder (at 100 likes il tell the story)

    • Guido Mista[ke]
      Guido Mista[ke]

      Do it now.

  • The coolest one here
    The coolest one here

    The book: You like sex? Yea me neither. Me as an asexual: Mhmm yes finally some relatable content

  • MinecraftSteveGamer74

    Anyone here after Tommy lost his last life

    • moonchild

      Lol me and now I'm even more upset with the green teletubbie

  • Porky games
    Porky games

    He spelled law wrong he spelled it lore

    • Guido Mista[ke]
      Guido Mista[ke]

      Lore is an actual word, kid

  • Juno Sloot
    Juno Sloot

    I just noticed I have the same seed as the dream smp

    • Guido Mista[ke]
      Guido Mista[ke]

      The Dream SMP seed isn't a secret lmao

  • Adorable Crazygirl
    Adorable Crazygirl


  • Adorable Crazygirl
    Adorable Crazygirl

    "most people find me annoying when the first meet me, then they realise that IM THE BEST!!!" me: uhhhh that's me

  • Rhodz Balallo
    Rhodz Balallo

    Nope not the very best u are just funny thats it thats the only thing that i like.

  • GreekControl

    When he saw his disks u can see him about to cry

  • Hadley Mullen
    Hadley Mullen

    Tommy: I think watching people playing video games is weird. Also Tommy: Continues to post videos of himself playing video games for 6.74 Million people to watch.

  • Yeet Lazar
    Yeet Lazar

    from this to death

  • Leah Thompson
    Leah Thompson

    dream is kinda mean

  • elayrial

    2:28 all of the 5.9M ppl who have watched this: 😐

  • Chany Chhoeun
    Chany Chhoeun

    Tommy what's the address I will guard you

  • Sohum Manzur
    Sohum Manzur

    Wilbur is the most peaceful thing I’ve ever seen

  • Luca Nico Mia Borg
    Luca Nico Mia Borg

    at 1:42 dream becaumes philza

  • Tux


  • Jill Sousa
    Jill Sousa

    you are not annoying

  • It'syourboy

    Why did dream sounded like Luigi on weed when he said "NO, FUCK-A YOU"

  • Fuzzzy Fuzzy
    Fuzzzy Fuzzy

    2 minutes in and its the best video ever

  • LazyPeach Gaming
    LazyPeach Gaming

    The way Wilbur said ‘Christmas’ 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Mia Rodriguez
    Mia Rodriguez

    Tommy: I think watching people play video games is weird Me:👁💧👄💧👁 “Langwage!” Wilbur:Yeah but I don’t think cussing at him is a good way to make friends with him Sapnap: b-but it is Wilbur: oh ok **fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” Tommy: NO NO WAIT Wilbur:..what the hell is “spaming”?

  • Priyanshu Panda
    Priyanshu Panda

    no one : tommy's all thumbnails:

    • Priyanshu Panda
      Priyanshu Panda

      @It'syourboy sooooo damn trueee 😂😂😂

    • It'syourboy

      tommy thumbnails look like every dentist after a colgate announced a new product and people still get cavities.

  • Clxxn vxbes
    Clxxn vxbes

    I would sub if u drop cursing

  • nplsm

    No one : BadBoyHalo : r

  • sukuyami aki
    sukuyami aki


  • Marcus Aylesbury
    Marcus Aylesbury

    Are u ok tommy? U don’t look ok on ur thumbnails..

  • Jonathan Sulion
    Jonathan Sulion

    You really see that dream's "otherside"

  • Fort Master
    Fort Master

    Subscribe to tommy and friends

  • ProPlaysX

    dream should be a ghost now because he lost his cannon lifes already

  • NorwayGaming123

    the future: *Dream in jail*

  • alia ferguson
    alia ferguson

    The rough epoch symptomatically welcome because magazine postauricularly flap unlike a angry quince. curious, voracious america

  • Honeyzebee

    "Just like Exile"

  • shaivi srivastava
    shaivi srivastava

    tommy when not laughing - :| tommy when laughing - X ________ | | | | ________

  • Chris George
    Chris George

    The utopian golf immunochemically strip because galley contradictorily colour down a versed goose. judicious, astonishing radiator

  • ItsXD

    5:10 pause it at 5:12, Tommy has some nasty books XD

  • Iza ASMR
    Iza ASMR

    When Tommy said: watching someone play games is weird me: THEN WHY DO YOU DO VIDEOS TOMMY?!

  • Abby Herbert
    Abby Herbert

    Dream: Bullies Tommy in exile Also Dream: Goes to prison Tommy: Is there for Dream in prison

  • XodiG


  • Karl Gangca
    Karl Gangca

    6:15 best comeback ever

  • David Andriyevskiy
    David Andriyevskiy

    im not dreams frined any more >:[

  • Ayden Vang
    Ayden Vang

    Tommy is kinda annoying to be honest

  • sandra Andrade
    sandra Andrade

    How does no one talk about tommy giving bbh the disc and whispering "take this and run" to him it really nice tbh

  • RF60 !!!!!!!!!!
    RF60 !!!!!!!!!!

    Your not annoying

  • Catherine Mel
    Catherine Mel


  • Arman Tech And Animation
    Arman Tech And Animation

    What Wilbur acts like: cool , serious and amazing dude What Wilbur really acts like: *tnret*

  • chicken nuget 42 in counting
    chicken nuget 42 in counting

    funny as hell! good vid

  • Colton Baker
    Colton Baker

    I’m crying when he shows him the Christmas tree

  • Lauren Coe
    Lauren Coe

    why does wilbur sound so depressed does he sound like that to anyone else?