I Convinced Philza His Wife Isn’t Real...
Today TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot speak to the Real Life Wife of Philza Minecraft on Dream's Mineraft Server. This was insane.
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Today I played Vanilla Minecraft 1.15 / 1.16 but it was me convincng Philza (friend of Dream I think) and Wilbur Soot (from the hit video I met Wilbur Soot in real life... ) that his Wife is not real!. I Spoke To Philza's Wife (similarly to the time I Spoke To Dream's Sister and) it was so much fun and we had lots of laughs, I love being me POG CHAMP!!! Awesome
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me convincing Philza his WIFE isn't REAL! LOL!!!! POGCHAMP!!!!

  • SBDG Charles
    SBDG Charles

    WHAT!? PHILZA IS 32!!! i dont google the dream smp too much coz secrets keeps them legend

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    Edisson Mocanu

    Screw Tommy and Tubbo, Tommy and Ph1lza is the best duo

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    foxyn bouz

    My friend is 16 and getting married

    • foxyn bouz
      foxyn bouz

      In morocco you could get a wife in no time

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    Shanny Mints

    i love how tommy always laughs like a maniac and then calms down within 5 seconds

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    thunderie gacha

    imagine future Tommy with a wife and children looking back into this...

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    thirith phorn

    Tommy when you 16 year old you still at school

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    Slender Dragon

    Pov: ur here after Tommy's death

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    Christopher kyle Sedaya

    the opening scene tho

  • moshi

    tommy tryna speed run life....thats not how that works tommy...

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    Emma BEAR

    Wow I am laughing so much I am crying lol this is my favourite video ever to exist on LTwhite 😂😂😂

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    Tiktok Mashup

    U should try to be girlfriends with charli damelio

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    14:37 wives are what?

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    Neilab Fernandez

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    Rainyen GG

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    Pillo Beltranfrom

    9:55 tommy did a jutsu

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    "half a stack years old" and "double my age" are two very different ways to look at it 3:00 T: "You just were like 'sorry, wife, I need to go and- I need to go and fight crime'" 4:06 P: "To get married in a church, you have to like meet the priest and stuff. And he has to like approve you" T: "Phil, I am not gonna get approved. No offense, but no priest is going to approve of the things that I get up to" 5:10 T: "This is gonna go well" Okay, for one, Tommy, why do you keep talking to people's family members on stream? How does this keep happening? Actually, I think half the time they're the ones offering to get people. Why do people keep doing this? Anyway, I greatly appreciate Kristen's sense of humor, even if her advice is questionable at the start 9:37 T: "I'm legally old enough to have a wife, so what's stopping me?" W: "Your personality" T: "Excuse you?" E: "Your personality. You're very insufferable. I don't think- I don't think there's a point in a wife for you" 10:05 I like how this is as much Wilbur's fault as it is Tommy's 12:40 W: "I think- I think if I had a wife, I'd say to her 'you're not real, go away'. And then if she did not go away, that's when I'd get the lawnmower" It just all goes downhill from here in the best way possible

  • Benjamin Siffert
    Benjamin Siffert

    wives are like grass i used to eat them as a child

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    Jose Sison

    philza:im 32 me:hmm... MY DADS 39 welp dad is getting to old and mom and dad isn't even married

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    Irecka Buela

    So~ how old is philza when i was not born?cause i was born in 2009 and now i am 11...How old is he?

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    •Lucky Illusion•

    And when she doesn’t go away I get the *lawn mower*

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    Oeds Vlogt

    This feels like they are a wholesome family that are having a fun conversation

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    •Kylie Kookie•

    Wait... My oldest sister is older then you?! I thought she was one year younger but no its the other way around but she's way older...

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    RIP The greatest MAN (not child) ever

  • Kiu Tsui
    Kiu Tsui

    Tommy is bad at mlg water bucketing.Every vid when tommy is flying he will try to mlg but failed every single damn time lol.

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    Ruby Jean

    Where is the wife application for me to fill out??

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    nate kelly

    in the mood lol

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    Nether Illager

    Speed run tips for getting a wife, ALCOHOL. IN LARGE QUANTITIES.

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    GamingComandos M&B

    Everyone say R.I.P For tommy bc hes dead ( I mean he has no more cannon lives on the dream smp )

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    A Literal Potato

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    Amilcar Mokhtar

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  • Amilcar Mokhtar
    Amilcar Mokhtar

    omg I laughed soooooooooooo hard

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    tommy simpit

  • Maybe Light
    Maybe Light

    tommy: how do i farm wives? some redstone farm/youtuber: so first, you will need 4 villagers and 128 blocks minimum and beds... in real life... and the process will take 60 years until you get a good amount of them...

  • Demon_girlMe

    When Kristin Said " nooooo! Don't devorce me,pleas!" it cracked me😂

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    DJV Vlogs

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    I showed this vid to my mum and she said " Is it just me or is Tommys laugh really annoying? " lol

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    Beep Boop

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    Imagine if Dream speedran his whole life while his friends hunt him down and stop him.

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    STD_Malini Mukherjea

    I watched this video on a Tuesday

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    That one time tho 😂

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    phil: i still *feel* young tommy: *CRINGE*

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    Matteo Bekhit

    U can’t just look for a tutorial on LTwhite and say: Wife ...(in this instant throwing bread so she could make sandwiches LMFAO)

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    Cindy Wiley-Lamb

    Lisin my mom is 45and I am only 9 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      I don't think a 9-year should have a LTwhite account and access to LTwhite my guy-

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    RB [] Jelli

    Wilbur actually sound crazy and like he escaped out of a crazy home

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    sam Natale

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    SitiAisah Zakaria

    Phil: I'm not very old though like i still fell kind of like young Me: that's what adult say's -~-

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    The overconfident theory laterally fancy because punch curiously spark times a evasive revolver. womanly, many storm

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