So Dream EXILED Me
Today TommyInnit is exiled by Dream on Dream's Minecraft Server. This was insane.
Edited by Tommy + Big Man Editor Larry ( @TalentLacking )
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I'm in Exile on the Dream SMP and it's not good! Today Me, Dream and Wilbur Soot and Technoblade have lots of laughs on the Dream SMP. I got Exiled Today meaning I am completely alone with GhostBur on Dream's Minecraft Server going insane and not happy or awesome! Tubbo betrayed TommyInnit (aka Me) on the Dream SMP and I just don't know how I feel. I do not feel good, awesome, happy, incredible, smiley or poggers right now. when I think about the time I Spoke To Dream's Sister however that was sort of nice but she was not that nice actually. I miss L'Manberg
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Dream EXILING Me from L'Manberg. NOT SO POG CHAMP!!!!!

  • David Khatmullin
    David Khatmullin

    ,,Drop em down or I will kill you" Well.............

  • Marco Radnell Djuric
    Marco Radnell Djuric

    PRIME LOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Astro-Zero-STW

    Dream: You will follow me Tommy: well what if i dont want to? dream: i'll just kill you. what happens then? tommy: I die. Me: wait kill go die?

  • GabTRG314

    oh boy

  • ThatPackStoleMySnack

    Tommy I never found u annoying

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    Botterpro T

    Tommy your not annoying

  • Fifi Bunch
    Fifi Bunch

    i feel like these four videos are the same thing just all the clips were shuffled-

    • Fifi Bunch
      Fifi Bunch

      ive just noticed how it all might’ve been thr same stream.... :)

  • Neagu Marian
    Neagu Marian

    I dont think ur annoying

  • I will help defeat Justin Y.
    I will help defeat Justin Y.


  • Xeoney

    Tommy: *going insane about to eat the apple* Tommy's parents: 👁️👄👁️

  • Universal Mushroom
    Universal Mushroom

    Man, how the tables have turned

  • EgorBeTheOne!!!

  • B O X E D C A T
    B O X E D C A T

    "check for me to be annoying"

  • Sup

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    _. kiwi_edits._

    You're not annoying

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    jay 721

    you really are annoying thats why i subbed

    • _. kiwi_edits._
      _. kiwi_edits._


    • jay 721
      jay 721


  • rektify

    why is he laughing in thumbnail

  • SherBinBinXD Gaming
    SherBinBinXD Gaming

    "everything or everyone you trust in the end they will betray you" quote by me

  • Alysha isabella
    Alysha isabella

    *me everytime im mad* "I AINT YO SHIT BITCH" -tommyinit that was another video i-

  • dqmon

    who’s here after tommy’s dead

  • Troy Dresner
    Troy Dresner

    So dream tried to kill me Dream what do you mean tried injail:FUK YOU TOMMY IM GOING TO ESCAPE TOMMY:DIES

  • ednxrawrx̤̮

    Quackity said “sorry tommy.” :(

  • NewBoi YT
    NewBoi YT

    Why is Ghostbur so Wholesome!?

  • Robert Gwuzd
    Robert Gwuzd

    *Tommy and Dream fighting* *Wilbur being an innocent person but also keeping his good stuff with him*

  • kevin mendozahernandez08pb
    kevin mendozahernandez08pb


  • Johannah Villagomez
    Johannah Villagomez

    Who is here after his cannon death?..

  • Franki Pomilla
    Franki Pomilla

    #ladsontour chain | v

  • Glitchzx

    Wilbur-“Oh no you burnt George’s house” *shows video of George’s house burning to the ground and Tommy smiling* Tommy- “a little bit...”

  • averiiexee

    Lmao can't wait for the sequel, "So Dream KILLED Me"

  • Aahana Nagwekar
    Aahana Nagwekar

    Well this aged wonderfully

  • SnowBro

    and now hes dead

  • Jayo

    I am subbed tommy

  • Micheal Afton
    Micheal Afton

    Are y'all not noticing that tommy said the future?

  • imnoahh

    oop whos here after tomathy is dead by drem

  • vatsala sharma
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  • Wheezy

    Anyone else notice Tommy’s braces

  • Lelei Gadding
    Lelei Gadding

    I feel bad for Tommy.

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    f \\

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    Ur not anoyinng

  • TheGamingCarnotaurus

    Wait the beginning of this video starts with the Sword and Shield WILD AREA MUSIC

  • Süleyman Aydogan
    Süleyman Aydogan

    Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu why i downt understand

  • Baby patato cookies
    Baby patato cookies

    hey,if somethingy bad happends Ihave a idea at night when everyone sleeps get the good stuff tn every where then you will be the new dream or the new trait...

  • paco taco
    paco taco

    "no one would make fun of you." Techno joins Perfect timing

  • salmuttotabreabittlecochicarrochopotatie pie cake
    salmuttotabreabittlecochicarrochopotatie pie cake

    I would like to hold my finger on the key written "X"

  • angel Requina
    angel Requina

    This is so funny

  • Kylie Pearson
    Kylie Pearson

    Ghostbur: complimenting Tommy when he’s sad Techno, joining the call: hGAh hAh look at this *lOSEr*-

  • Ghxst

    i remember, we've gotta go

  • Gamer-_-Games

    Dream before: *exiling tommy and stealing his things* Dream now: *trying to be nice to tommy*

  • Goose


  • Red Dead
    Red Dead

    Don’t be too upset I get exiled from getting my inventory back every time I die in lava

  • Lewis Jamieson
    Lewis Jamieson

    im liking the pokemon music

  • Uvika Mathur
    Uvika Mathur

    Tommy I don’t find you annoying and by the way I am new

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    At the time I am commenting this tommy has 6.69 subs Nice

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    Haha bute nga

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    Spyros Mastorakis

    The nice thing is that the first time i saw tommy it were so funny

  • Lucifer BL4Z3
    Lucifer BL4Z3

    i get being called annoying

  • ivan sobol7
    ivan sobol7

    ah! the old camera.

    • ivan sobol7
      ivan sobol7

      so bad compared to the new one

  • Alive And kicking
    Alive And kicking

    Is the music from the beginning of the video from Pokémon. Gen 8 more specifically.

  • Little Liv
    Little Liv

    this was so bootiful 🥲

  • ButterBean

    Wilbur: Oo this is so nice Tommy: ***WHAT DO YOU FUCKING MEAN WE’VE BEEN EXILED***

  • Left Tree
    Left Tree

    Good Vid!

  • Addison Mundorff
    Addison Mundorff

    "May the log be with you," is my favorite quote by far.

  • Isabelle Mclean
    Isabelle Mclean

    X (snap neck)

  • Dwagony Dwagon
    Dwagony Dwagon

    Loggers child loggers

  • Jack Godofwar
    Jack Godofwar

    Innit i like when u say b*tch

  • Sparkballz 96
    Sparkballz 96

    9:00 I am so dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Katie Innit
    Katie Innit


  • Baron

    how did techno get there that fast

  • Okwoor

    Wilbur: You burned down George's house Tommy: A little bit *house burning*

  • Kayla Willard
    Kayla Willard

    Wilbur smh

  • Senju Hatano
    Senju Hatano

    ah yes, Sword And Shield-Wild Area Theme at the beginning

  • Mysty Gamer
    Mysty Gamer

    at 12:40 he had 773 subs that day. on 12:41 he had 1033

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    Yesthisisreal LMAO

    make the name: sexlog or prime log

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    #ladsontour #lot

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    #lads on tour

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    PoSSlew ontiktok

    me: *starts the video* tommy: find me annoying.

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    Slick xD

    Day 10 oF sAyInG channelnutpig Is BeTter

  • Lovely Potato
    Lovely Potato

    I feel bad for Tommy

  • Anna and then something else
    Anna and then something else

    Wilbur: No one I can think of would laugh at you. Technoblade: HGAH-

  • Eve Bautista
    Eve Bautista

    for once tommy did not curse for about 3 mins

  • Lolis Gomez
    Lolis Gomez

    X = snap technoblades neck

  • -No Filter-
    -No Filter-

    *Wilbur comforting tommy about how no one would laugh at him* *Techno joins the call* "HAHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THIS LOSER" I swear I am w h e e z i n g

  • -No Filter-
    -No Filter-

    so what I got from this video is that dream exiled tommy because he burnt down his beloved's house........ Mkay so don't mess with george on dream's server

  • Jack Beauchamp
    Jack Beauchamp

    How many times Tommyinit says he is annoying in his intro I memorize it and say it with him

  • Alex Schifano
    Alex Schifano

    one of the best youtubers

  • Kevin Van Santen
    Kevin Van Santen

    14:14 where the fuck did this tree come from

  • Taylor Jones
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  • nick *
    nick *

    Fun fact tommy is the youngest but he swears the most

  • Floricel Moran
    Floricel Moran

    Its not free to sub if you DONT have A LTwhite ACCOUNT

  • Frosty Potato
    Frosty Potato

    Didint u and wilbur get inexile

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    Isaac Milla

    Who is watching this just to see it all together