I Invaded George's Dating Show.
TommyInnit invades GeorgeNotFound and Dream's Dating Show. It was properly insane.
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Today I went on GeorgeNotFound's Dating Show - Love Or Host (previously the Rajjchelor / Rajjchelorette) and invaded it! It was super fun and cute watching George try and speak to Women such as Minx, Kandyland & more! Unlike Schlatt and Minx who have been through some rough times, I had a fun and funny time on Austin's Dating Show. This is not the Quackity or Wilbur Soot or CallMeCarson or jschlattLIVE love or host, this is George's! But it was even FUNNIER since I invaded and I really made it incredible. I truly am the funniest minecraft player ever and also the best. POG CHAMP!!!!

  • AncientAmber YT
    AncientAmber YT

    He went in and pubstomped the entire show lol

  • Cheems

    It's boring when Tommy isn't talking or Austin isn't shouting ngl

  • Cheems

    Tommy: *Opens his mouth for 0.00001 seconds* Austin: *S H U T U P*

  • Kasper chocha
    Kasper chocha

    minx honestly scares me

  • Atlanta


  • Burke Crowell
    Burke Crowell

    Kandy you could get canceled me dream won’t feel very good about that in February

  • emuly

    Stan minx

  • Nishit Singh
    Nishit Singh

    'What makes a good woman?" Jshlatt : 'B I G T I T S' 3:41

  • Ria Abad
    Ria Abad

    I am a girllllllll

  • Ahmed Mohammad
    Ahmed Mohammad

    George married a women next day George question r u a white or black 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Papyrus Gaming
    Papyrus Gaming

    YES YOU CAN 0:06

  • Kaamil Patel
    Kaamil Patel

    04:32 dream voice is over 9000 decibels 😂

  • sofia adia fojas
    sofia adia fojas


  • Eli Eaton
    Eli Eaton

    He is the chosen one

  • goldmine spotters
    goldmine spotters

    I was dying when the host told him to shush up! Haha just look at it - 4:33

  • yayacatlover9 Mindy
    yayacatlover9 Mindy

    Those females are simps

  • pretty.x.k1tten

    I just know dream is crying on the Inside-

  • Yet Magie
    Yet Magie

    LTwhite analytics says 3.95456347 percent of ur subscribers are dogs

  • 5VOMZDW of legends
    5VOMZDW of legends

    I clearly laugh so hard i almost passout

  • The mighty eagle
    The mighty eagle

    I can’t wait till your 18

  • Fabian Montenegro
    Fabian Montenegro

    Tommy has really grown on me

  • Dianne Dobson
    Dianne Dobson

    4:21 just watch just watch

  • Kimza

    Ah another child watching this

  • Sawyer Cascone
    Sawyer Cascone

    The stereotyped thermometer extragingivally mourn because peak echographically check along a sore kitten. teeny, sloppy pleasure

  • Kai :D
    Kai :D


  • Drew Keffer
    Drew Keffer


  • Galaxy Kitty
    Galaxy Kitty

    Tommy really came at Texas

  • brooke

    the whole time: 𝑢𝑛𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑎𝑏𝑙𝑒 ;)

  • Strawberry Pocky
    Strawberry Pocky

    Bitch I am subscribed

  • Ayaan CakeO_o
    Ayaan CakeO_o

    dude, george's like 10 or somein

  • Xx lilly cookie xX
    Xx lilly cookie xX

    Why isnt dream answering questions?.

  • The Answer
    The Answer

    and by the way, tommy, I live in Austin.

  • Rule101: N0C
    Rule101: N0C

    No one Austin: SHUT UP TOMMY

  • JvGOD

    do nada aparece a mayumi no video doideira

  • goggy dream
    goggy dream

    HEY HEY HEY- I THOUGHT MINX HAD QUACKITY- And I also thought George had dream🤧✋ tbh I ship George and Dream don’t come at me-

  • Pureći Batak
    Pureći Batak

    Who is 4th man with george, dream and tommy, who muted tommy

  • Disgraceful

    “My friend GEORGE NOT FOUND went on a da-“ George: :/

  • Ghost in a Jacket
    Ghost in a Jacket

    Jschlatt saying BIG TITS in chat after Tommy asked “what makes a good woman?” Is hilarious and extremely fitting

  • 》《


  • K r y p t o 編集
    K r y p t o 編集

    How many girlfriends have you had? *All of them*

  • Explorage

    The name on the video is playing fivem

  • Explorage

    I have give you a shoutout on this youtube channel

  • Takao Senpai
    Takao Senpai

    7:00 better to resolve the issue with words means that they actually want to get slapped

  • Dark4stage

    Tommy:What is the worst word you know. Me:DREAMMMM

  • Derpeo Derpeo
    Derpeo Derpeo

    Minx:The swear words Also Minx: 2 seconds later swears

  • Jakko

    3:03 , your subscirber count

  • Rocket GD *Verified*
    Rocket GD *Verified*

    WO AH LOOK At ThIs wAsp

  • Oli spelar
    Oli spelar


  • Quinn Iryn Panes
    Quinn Iryn Panes



    Every one thinking that they are doing a call then look at their mic

  • Questionable Spy
    Questionable Spy

    Why is it always the same ppl on the dating shows? How lonely r these ppl xD

  • Opposing serpent
    Opposing serpent

    Tommy: what makes a good woman? Jschlatt in chat: Big tits!

  • Axe_Crit

    Ur a kid

  • GameSquid

    Kandy: I think ur ees are pretty Me: NEVER MENTION THE EYES

  • Damien Mealey
    Damien Mealey

    I thought Tommy was making some very good points

  • LeGoblinz

    Tommy: *says anything* Austin: TOMMY SHUT UP

  • Mingle91

    He thinks he is so funny

  • Robin Daniels
    Robin Daniels

    The super scorpion proportionally compare because prison thermodynamically cheer among a quixotic angle. daffy, unique risk

  • Nickolas Archico
    Nickolas Archico

    Boys all unsubscribe so the girls will win with the analytics

  • Diego Ortega
    Diego Ortega

    i thought george was gay

  • Graeme Thomson
    Graeme Thomson

    Atleast thatveganteacher didn't find this video lol

  • Switch Player
    Switch Player

    When tommy said Tex ass


    SiR I aM SubScRibEd And Im A FeMALe Ur ReaLly FunnY ThAts WhY- 👁👄👁

  • Jaz

    Lol 😅 Don't be mean to tommy 🤣

  • caLLiE_potato

    Minx is a mood

  • caLLiE_potato

    The dnf shippers casually dying

  • Grimm Pasta
    Grimm Pasta

    Should barge in next time it's George and go "*long breath* George, dream wouldn't be very happy..."

  • Lena S
    Lena S

    Austin is being so mean to Tommy, I would have hung up and cry myself to sleep 😂

  • Toxiic Be Vibiing
    Toxiic Be Vibiing

    Kandy said I love his eyes Umm he is colorblind

  • Cookie Weeb
    Cookie Weeb

    Kandy: I believe in gender roles Me: I don’t like this girl

  • Doomnibbler

    sir potassium

  • *—* Ca08 *—*
    *—* Ca08 *—*

    Minx could be streamer

  • Minitrain

    Tommy is literally like every younger cousin ever but funny

  • Alison Galvez
    Alison Galvez

    Kandy gets me mad idk why

  • QuiveryTundra 72
    QuiveryTundra 72

    When tommy is older he might be on the show

  • Sara Shareef
    Sara Shareef

    Is dream jealous of George because have a girlfriend or ex girlfriend

  • sadness

    why does minx's camera quality look like she is recording on a spud

  • Znodaca xD
    Znodaca xD

    Nobody: Tommy: can I speak to women let’s find out

  • Maverick

    What do you do if a man slaps your girl ass. George : I will speed run🏃

  • Maverick

    George : What do you love so much about me. Girl :Your eyes they are so mesmerizing. George : They are colourblind🙂

  • Vera Tinch
    Vera Tinch


  • pancake blueberry
    pancake blueberry

    The fact that we didn’t see who he chose makes me rage👁👄👁

  • XxØKxX BG
    XxØKxX BG

    The left girl have a huge eyes lollllll

  • Najm Gamer
    Najm Gamer

    Simp all your frend simp

  • Miss EvaGeneva
    Miss EvaGeneva


  • Blue 1011
    Blue 1011

    Tommy: Ask’s about george’s salary The never ask meme: you know the rules and so do i day goodbye

  • GIGN french special force
    GIGN french special force

    That's why dream sing George is simp

  • Dan Salanson
    Dan Salanson

    I a girl but rooting for the boys

  • Oismoo Onion
    Oismoo Onion

    Video: *has 420k likes* Me: nice

  • Ellef Farmen roligheten
    Ellef Farmen roligheten

    George cant handle wemon

  • Blockwalker YT
    Blockwalker YT

    dream and tommy dont know nobody tho

  • Blockwalker YT
    Blockwalker YT

    every question Tommy asks makes them have the most scandalised expressions

  • faceless pootis
    faceless pootis

    420k likes nice

  • Aryan Bhushan
    Aryan Bhushan

    I think Goethe is blushing on Danielle

  • Janna Alfonso
    Janna Alfonso

    i love tommy lmao

  • honey Bee
    honey Bee

    i feel like all the jokes went over all the girls heads apart from minx

  • honey Bee
    honey Bee

    minx and tommy's backs must hurt from carrying this

  • honey Bee
    honey Bee

    omg kandy was so cringy

  • Felix Zhang
    Felix Zhang

    minx just there like : l

  • mc master
    mc master

    Polt twist:george is girlfriend is dream