Dream is the most cruel minecraft player ever
Today TommyInnit gets bullied by Dream on his Minecraft Server. This was insane.
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Edited by Tommy + Boss Man Editor Archie ( @archie )
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Today Me and Dream have lots of laughs on the Dream SMP even though he acts super not awesome and fun and funny. GeorgeNotFound and Wilbur Soot arrive also, who I love! Dream and George are so not cool and Dream has a 300 IQ as well I know this since he is funny and goes on about it lots. Guys Ninja is the funniest minecraft player ever but DREAM is the creator of Minecraft Manhunt so WHO really wins?! Tubbo is also there. Why.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Dream being the most cruel minecraft player ever. POG CHAMP!!!!!

  • Ryan Shuldes
    Ryan Shuldes

    Tommy i think u are so funny nice job keep up the work

  • Immo walsh
    Immo walsh

    I didn't kill her, I just permanantlyinjured and dissapeared her

  • FliCky thats it
    FliCky thats it

    whos here after tommy died

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    mali mali

    Guys, get our britisg ally tommy to 7 mil subs! Not too far away!

  • Stargazer l
    Stargazer l

    Man the fact that you’re so self aware about the fact that you’re hard to like makes it easier to like you

  • volkeks

    POV: ur looking for dream comment

  • Mia V
    Mia V

    "Defend me Wilbur" "I've been thinking a lot about anteaters recently"

  • Aubree Clements
    Aubree Clements

    ngl I didn't like tommy a first when I saw him in dreams or george's or whoevers videos but the more he was in them the more I got used to it and it's actually really funny content


    2:10 dream just got the nether fortress achievement 😂

  • Xoxo Lil Buggy Xoxo
    Xoxo Lil Buggy Xoxo

    well this didnt age well

  • Chickadee

    2:06 T: "You upload twice a month, I just don't know what you do" D: "Well, I mean, I have to be there for most of your videos-" 5:47 D: "Twenty thousand? You're really falling off, Tommy. Tommy... come on now. *Sapnap* get's nineteen thousand" Dream's giggles this whole time are so funny. I like that they can both riff off each other and make light of the glitch too 7:00 Wai-wai-wai, if you look at the backlog of in-game chat here, both Quackity and George both joined and immediately left after making fun of Tommy. They literally got on the server just to troll him on stream. Poor Sam just tryin to say hi 8:38 ahaha and then George joins the call pretending to be Wilbur and keeps making fun of him! I really thought when Wilbur joined that bit would end, but then Wilbur just pretended to be George. 11:10 G pretending to be W: "If I was a Tommy viewer, I would don't be interested in watching someone with half netherite and no boots running around the smp" 12:16 T: "George, are you left handed?" G: "Yeah" D: "He is" W: "God, pick a struggle" One of these is not like the others 12:53 T: "Why are you all fuckin stood 'round me?" G: "'Cause we want to be part of the twenty thousand viewer stream" D: "Don't round up George, it's sixteen k" T: "Wilbur, will you defend me please" W: "I've been thinking a lot about anteaters recently, and I just think they're ridiculous looking and awful animals" 13:18 The way Sam sounds so concerned about his low viewership, and the rest of them have just been making fun of him the whole time 14:12 Why does Will keep bringing up anteaters?! 14:44 I like how the rest of the video Tommy's been going with the joke, but also not "accepting that he has less than twenty thousand viewers", but then Sam is trying to confirm that it's just bugged, and Tommy fully commits and says he really does only have fifteen thousand

  • H. S.
    H. S.

    Tommy: "Guns are banned in the UK" Dream: *Thinks about how life would've been if guns were banned in America* Me as an American: "There are more guns in a household than family members in America" 😅

  • •*•Alex_ Gacha•*•
    •*•Alex_ Gacha•*•


  • Daniel Bruton
    Daniel Bruton

    3:43 Hold up did he say "Dream, I'm gonna touch you"?

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    William Meyers

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    Being annoying makes you cool ------- that one guy who simps for tommyinnit

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    aesthetically _nate!

    This hits different after tommy died

  • Isabella Tomasek
    Isabella Tomasek

    yea ik he killed you and now you are not streaming :(

  • JC

    This hits different after Dream took his last life...

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    Tommy i subbed on 6 accounts I AM A PYSCHO thanks

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    Omegle Goner1139

    Who’s here after Tommy got killed on the smp.

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    molly p

    this aged well

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    james black

    Suck it green boiiiii

  • MinecraftLover

    Guns arent banned with a licence you can have one, my step brother got one on his birthday

  • Emma W
    Emma W

    tommy just straight up exposed george and dream lmao

  • Dayanara Aisya Diandra
    Dayanara Aisya Diandra

    13:38 you guys should click this or else- y'all regret it

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    Josiah Moorman

    I like TOMMYINIT but I dispose the searing.

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    Sultana Chougle

    I can click louder than dream

  • emily !
    emily !

    well the title of this vid hits different after what happened today

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    who's here after Tommy's death? (In the dream smp)

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    Abby L

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  • Paige Young
    Paige Young

    Notice how Tommy said “dreams SISTERS friend” 😳

  • Prymasis

    You should definitely have a reminder that people hate you at the start of the video, because I felt the same.

  • AZore

    Imagine not subbing to Tommyinit tommyoutit and tommyvods that’s weirdchamp

  • theodore espinosa
    theodore espinosa

    Tommy bahog baba

  • Salman Khalifa (Al)
    Salman Khalifa (Al)

    2:08 LMAOOOO

  • •ALTER•

    Tommy has the audacity to censor ‘Trump’.

  • OnonTheGamer

    video is 14:59 NOOO

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    Black Bee games


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      Oh yeah yeah

      @Black Bee games huh?

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    Poor tubbo xDD

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    new? who said i was new?

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    sees Tommy *plays Bruno mars*

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    I watch this on my first day of joining the community and let me tell you im confused as heck when i watch this like WHO THE HELL IS WHO

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  • Ruth Campbell
    Ruth Campbell

    It’s hard to get woman when Georgenotfound exists. Dream:yeah I’ll just get George instead 😌🤚

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    Tem Plays

    Plot twist: Twitch didn't glitch.

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    Remember when dream wasn’t in prison?

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    Look at the SUB count

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    My talent is I can put my leg over my shoulder Can anyone else do this? I wanna know tell me :>

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    13:22 sorry if u see this its just a timestamp for me to use in a vent edit :)

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    we know

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    Benny YeetYeet

    “and if you still hate me at the end of the video” opposite of surprised pikachu

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    i like ya cut g

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    oh wait I'm wilbur I forgot- HAHAHHAH

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    not funny when ur black

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    E Calma-Alejo

    i wont have a problem being Tommy's friend

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    Yashvardhan Srivastava

    dream essentially said the *FBI OPEN UP* meme and Tommy didn't get it

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    Andrea Wallner

    When is he streaming

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    Anahi Ortiz

    Tommy isn't annoying

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    Emma Welsby

    Some times I feel bad for tubbo bc he doesn’t want to be in the wrong so he just goes along with it :(

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    people who click loud like dream like this i can btw

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    Amanda Busck

    Tommy: What’s your taste in women Dream: nExT qUeStIoN

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    Alan THE LAD

    The only thing that is familiar with me and Dream is the loud click lol XD.


    Who is indian here

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    5 hunter vs dream this time we need Tommy

  • •Strãwbęrrÿ_ Sïmp•
    •Strãwbęrrÿ_ Sïmp•

    Dreams Ideal Woman is George

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    灬Happy Face灬

    If bad watch this he is honna be Triggerd of all the Cruse Words XD

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    why did he censor trump

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      LuAnX Music

      It’s a bad word

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    I support you and luv you

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    Syxhmiii .43

    its was rude what kind of friend are they? they ever make fun of tommy :[ and that was not ever fun

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      You don't know what jokes are, do you?

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      You clearly never had friends before

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      Syxhmiii .43

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      Random Girl

      You clearly don’t understand the meaning of friends ;)

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    Don’t worry Tommy I think your hilarious and not annoying

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    Tommyinnit: i cant get a girlfriend! Also tommyinnit: forgets to mension hes friends with multiple popular people on youtube and Twitch

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    Sawaf vlog

    I would rather watching Tommy more than dream idk why

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    thats interesting... i dont find you annoying in any part of the video

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    Fuck you are not anowing you are funny

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    tommy and dream = love hate relationship

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    But actually After the stream people are gonna go to Tommy’s house and speak to him

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    Bruh being from Florida I can say dreams “talent” like everyone here can do it.... it’s really odd

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    ilx nxght

    Tommyinnit: most cruel player Me: sis he let u join in his server- 😀

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    So hes not pro speedrunner when hes toxic

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