I fought Technoblade & Dream. (GRAND FINALE)
TommyInnit, Technoblade and Dream have the GRAND FINALE WAR on Dream's Minecraft Server. This was properly insane.
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Today on Dream's Minecraft Server SMP, I team up with Technoblade! After the $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel! They both really fell off and resorted to fighting TommyInnit (aka mr cool aka me) and Wilbur Soot who I met Wilbur Soot in real life... I know that was gramatically incorrect but it was still fun and funny. We had the GRAND FINALE War of the Dream SMP. no, not Minecraft Speedrunner vs 3 Hunters (GRAND FINALE) no, no, no. The L'Manberg Finale VS jschlatt / schlatt, GeorgeNotFound who was there a bit I think. Although it was super intense, we had lots of laughs!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Sapnap 1v1ing Me, Technoblade and Dream. POG CHAMP!!!!


    I know hate Wilbur and Technoblade and Dream

  • Nesha

    The dream team will win only Justice wins, Lies lost forever

  • Misty88 Schmidt738
    Misty88 Schmidt738

    The probable coal topically suspect because alley worrisomely yell beyond a spiffy crowd. subsequent, loutish thailand

  • Harley Howson
    Harley Howson

    are you donig any more, i just found out what happend to you in the war, are you going to make a video, and put it on youtube?

  • Samantha Catherall
    Samantha Catherall

    Anyone else re watching this after tommy died

  • Pikachoo


  • marpleduos ツ
    marpleduos ツ

    it’s quiet sad seeing tommy died and re-watching this crying

  • Your a anime simp
    Your a anime simp

    This is one of the saddest videos ever.....

  • mary ann trompeta
    mary ann trompeta


  • Ertwon

    18:20 that tone will trigger anyone who was played dnd

  • Pranet Prakash
    Pranet Prakash

    jack had iron !!! soooo sad

  • Derish Figueroa
    Derish Figueroa

    Niki nihachu is such a cry baby, i hate it so much.

  • Yeex-Roblox

    dream be like just killed a mexican, feelling good

  • Kyle Sher
    Kyle Sher

    Fundy Kujo

  • XxJennie GamingxX
    XxJennie GamingxX

    I subscribed cuz your funny lollll x

  • Mari An
    Mari An

    hey what comes after this? i've been tryna find it and its impossible (if there is smth after this)

  • Xeoney

    Wilbur: *ranting and complaining* Phil: 👁️👄👁️

  • Xeoney

    "As a man who knows something about eleven and a half stacks of TNT, I'm telling you, don't use the crystals!" I don't know why that made me laugh as hard as it did-

  • Stickboy 55
    Stickboy 55

    ''dream just killed a mexican''

  • Chickadee

    Spoilers for the end of this video. Finish watching before reading I like that Tommy has accepted that people don't always like him at first and has incorporated it into his marketing instead of trying to deny it 5:07 W: "DON'T DO THE CRYSTALS. THAT IS- I'm telling you now, as a- as a man who knows something about eleven and a half stacks of TNT, I'm telling you, do not use the crystals" 8:55 I greatly appreciate the foreshadowing without ruining anything that is this editing 10:00 oh heck, oh no, gotta go 16:20 TB: "You wanted power" T: "I didn't. I just wanted-" TB: "Tommy, you just did a coup. You just did a hostile government takeover, and then immediately instilled yourself as president. And then you gave it to your friend, but that's still a tyrant, Tommy. Look, the thing about this world, Tommy, is that good things don't happen to heros" 17:43 Did Techno really name one of the withers "Subscribe to Technoblade"?

  • FrozenChicken 12
    FrozenChicken 12

    Tommy: ME AND THE BOYS Me: and a girl :P

  • Kiokyo Shimizu
    Kiokyo Shimizu


  • Devansh Srivastava
    Devansh Srivastava

    Fake and overacting

  • Sci-fiAnimations YT
    Sci-fiAnimations YT

    techno cheated because you cant get instant damage arrows without lingering. to get lingering you must go to the end and collect bottles of dragons breath so... kinda sus Techno!

  • Xd Aquahamar
    Xd Aquahamar

    He is the FUCKING BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pink Leaf Jr.
    Pink Leaf Jr.

    Yall phliza and techno will help dream escape and they will start their evil laugh

  • Sean Sweet Johnson
    Sean Sweet Johnson

    14:58 The Scene Of L'manburg Death

  • jahvin S
    jahvin S

    what is the intro song called 0:00

  • Hameedo

    go techno

  • 1205 Larryboy
    1205 Larryboy

    Why is this so serious ? 😂 Like Everyone is thinking that this is a real revolution. LOL 😂

    • Royalty Reyna
      Royalty Reyna

      Its because its a roleplay



  • ZubTzy Gaming
    ZubTzy Gaming

    whats the intro someone tell me lps

  • kevin mendozahernandez08pb
    kevin mendozahernandez08pb

    sooo 6.78 million ppl dont hate him I dont hate him ither

  • Stefano Porcu
    Stefano Porcu

    👑 🐷


    well yes you where anoyying but you are pretty awesoe now lol love you big fan

  • Galaxy ramen
    Galaxy ramen

    so who won?

  • Clean_SN1P3Z

    18:15 everyone fighting i n t e n s e l y While tommy is eating bread “i n t e n s e l y”

  • Explicit

    what’s the intro song

  • Abby Johnson
    Abby Johnson

    14:58 chills

  • At Randoms
    At Randoms

    The name of the second wither though..

  • Laycee Ellis
    Laycee Ellis

    This is like a fricking movie plot!

  • Dynamite Films
    Dynamite Films

    15:14 WILBUR WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!??

  • Cezar Hirsescu
    Cezar Hirsescu

    i cant believe this was 3 months ago

  • Tallulah Copper
    Tallulah Copper

    People who don’t find Tommy annoying

  • Certified Bean
    Certified Bean

    Techno grinded 25 hours a day for that

  • Nana Koll
    Nana Koll

    schlaft:"im a MAN" Funny: "well im a FURRY"

  • Brazilknight3847

    who else is watching when Tommy's dead

  • Veanna Looney
    Veanna Looney

    It’s sad looking back at this knowing he got his disc but still died......ghostinnit

  • dark

    the fact that one of the whither is called "subscribe to technoblad" is kinda ruining the mood

  • Radu Teodor Miron
    Radu Teodor Miron


  • Tiny Carrot
    Tiny Carrot

    I just realize that techo knew how tommy last canon death

  • aj leal
    aj leal

    Don't sub to technoblade

  • 321 go
    321 go

    So he went from Wilbur to Killbur to Ghostbur to Gghostbur to Glatt. What’s next?

  • Sohum Manzur
    Sohum Manzur

    This has to be the most plot twisting thing ever

  • Alex Nowak
    Alex Nowak

    The most important part of this video is the fact that tommy used a different face for his thumbnail

  • Willem Does Stuff
    Willem Does Stuff

    The only problem I have with you is how much strong language you use and when you use it it doesn't sound wright

    • ChiefGamer


  • FireKing440

    Don't worry I still hate u

  • dovey 4 hitomi
    dovey 4 hitomi

    schlatt is being so transphobic and misogynistic its hard to watch eww

  • Bettina coban
    Bettina coban


  • Cookie Gang
    Cookie Gang

    Techno umm this not that much netherite

  • Amey Garg
    Amey Garg

    If I die this country goes down with me - jschlatt

  • Susan Bolduc
    Susan Bolduc

    Just really don’t like the bad language

  • Carlos Richmond Libron
    Carlos Richmond Libron

    Techno giving a speech and behind him punz was just looting tubbo's thungs

  • Andrea Suarez
    Andrea Suarez

    dats your revengs to techno

  • Andrea Suarez
    Andrea Suarez

    hey tommy kill techno and get hes armor and if he spawmn banned him

    • Mar Mar
      Mar Mar

      lmao how can he kill techno if he has no cannon lives???

  • Kaitou Killua
    Kaitou Killua

    Am I the only one crying?

  • Lucidingus

    the 5k dislikes are from Schlatt and Dream

  • DahOneGuy32

    Villain quotes from this episode “It was never meant to be” “You want to be a hero, THEN DIE LIKE ONE” “I smell toast”

  • JRgaming And Music
    JRgaming And Music

    So nice video and so funny😆

  • reven7 skywalker
    reven7 skywalker

    name of the intro theme?

    • Mar Mar
      Mar Mar

      Fodlan Winds

    • ChiefGamer

      It’s from fire emblem 3 houses I don’t exactly know the name

  • Bayhaqy Timss
    Bayhaqy Timss

    I hope you stop cursing

  • Feebee

    chills. literal chills.

  • Ayaan Abbasi
    Ayaan Abbasi

    Tommy can u please tell me the name of the music for the intro

    • Mar Mar
      Mar Mar

      Fodlan Winds

  • Panko Chan
    Panko Chan

    Techno is just communist actually x)

  • SpaceofBlack


  • B̷r̷a̷y̷d̷e̷n̷ ̷M̷S̷Q G̷a̷m̷i̷n̷g̷ ̷➓̷
    B̷r̷a̷y̷d̷e̷n̷ ̷M̷S̷Q G̷a̷m̷i̷n̷g̷ ̷➓̷

    15:08 L'manberg Explosion

  • Abi & Sergio Martinez
    Abi & Sergio Martinez

    0:22 yeah you!

  • Aziz Fajar
    Aziz Fajar

    I love the musik

  • Grumphy

    drama momentum

  • A21 Pereira
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  • Nachoo

    Tubbo: **Goes to the podium** Everyone: **Cheers** Technoblade: aaah

  • Nick Justine
    Nick Justine

    Its the end of the dream smp

  • Alana Baer
    Alana Baer

    I started crying at the destruction bc I once built a whole kingdom and my brother blew it up. Never again have I tried to build something big.

  • Jay Coombes
    Jay Coombes

    I subed

  • Kaushi Mundru
    Kaushi Mundru

    looking back, tubbo was the most like himself even in his role

  • Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi Oma

    Me coming after watching dawn of the 16: I’m spoiled Me being excited when I here the quotes in dawn of the 16: nevermind

  • patrick jayson tan
    patrick jayson tan

    Sheild enchants mending

  • Eddy plays minecraft Pog champ
    Eddy plays minecraft Pog champ

    Wilbur: you know the rules Me: so do i

  • SugarCane_Farmer

    There’s no teams in the dream SMP I mean you could say there is but they switch every episode

  • CrunchyShoe

    Can someone please tell me what the intro music is?

    • Mar Mar
      Mar Mar

      Fodlan Winds

  • Retorta Sinistram
    Retorta Sinistram

    Everyone: **screaming** Tubbo, quite calmly: I just got obliterated.

  • hiesk

    This video is the last one where the thumbnail shows Tommy's eyes

  • Christian M Abundiz
    Christian M Abundiz

    Everyone:no l'manberg Technoblade:Pog

  • kitty chu
    kitty chu


  • Pinkpotato editz
    Pinkpotato editz

    Ya ain’t annoying

  • Marcus Aylesbury
    Marcus Aylesbury

    Who else thinks dream and techno blade. And tommy and tubbo they both make 2 great teams

  • muhammad aamer
    muhammad aamer

    the bkade

  • Pyxlated

    "Now this is an Avengers level threat"

  • Markdenver Abenes
    Markdenver Abenes

    U known u are so nood you never beat dream

  • kahn2960 kahn2960
    kahn2960 kahn2960

    r these scripted stories. from you all it seems like it. if it is bravo it is good.ff